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EMW Team’s Quality Management System is proactive and ISO 9000 certified. Our quality process is designed to ensure that all products and services are delivered on time, on budget and in accordance with our customer’s requirements. Individual tailoring of the QMS at the project level ensures compliance with all contractual requirements. Through establishment of the corporate quality policies and support for the implementation of this policy, the Quality team performs verification of compliance. Quality control activities are performed and maintained by the individual projects. This sharing of responsibilities ensures that the QMS is supportive of quality goals and objectives while being responsive to the needs and requirements of our customers.

QMS System Documentation – The QMS is described in a comprehensive set of documentation encompassing all aspects of the quality system from corporate policy to objective evidence of compliance. This documentation is organized into three levels:

  • Level 1 – Corporate Quality Assurance Policy Manual
  • Level 2 – Operational quality instructions and procedures
  • Level 3 – Objective evidence of quality performance
Quality Audits – In order to measure compliance to the QMS, EMW receives a internal and external quality audit. Quality audits are scheduled and based on specific program needs. Any noncompliance issues identified during the audit are documented and issued as part of an audit report. Corrective action requests are issued and follow up activities include the verification of proper implementation and effectiveness of corrective action activities. Data provided by the audit process serves as a valuable input to the process improvement function.


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