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EMW personnel have a wealth of process, technical and systems engineering experience to support the definition of requirements, oversight of project implementation and ongoing review of operations for a broad range of technical domains. We support customer program management in each of these areas by providing resources that can independently evaluate the effectiveness of solutions proposed by contractors, assess the reliability of program quality and financial controls and review the achievement of mission and service level objectives. EMW has performed these services for a wide variety of customers, including NATO in Europe, Middle East and Southwest Asia, Department of Defense (DoD) worldwide and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Our SETA capabilities provide the flexibility and quick availability of expertise without the expense and commitment of sustaining the staff long-term.

Adapted as a functionary of the United States Air Force, our E&I services provides the engineering and installation of telecommunications into permanent facilities. This includes removal and relocation of old or outdated ground communication-electronics systems, and to provide for emergency and programmed, mobile, on-site, maintenance and modification of these systems.

As an example EMW has managed the Communications Focal Point for the USAF at Manas TC in Kyrgyzstan. EMW provides all help desk functions, including maintenance of appropriate tracking and record-keeping systems. We are responsible for the Network Control Center (NCC) and oversees the voice and data communications infrastructure, configuration, intrusion-detection and information assurance (IA) functions. Additionally, we assist with physical infrastructure efforts (cabling, equipment racking, configuration, turn-up and testing).

EMW personnel provide operations and maintenance support of mission critical systems for our NATO, DoD, and DHS customers worldwide, everyday. We are committed to meeting or exceeding all service expectations, and have an established track record of delivering on these commitments in highly demanding environments.

Our success in this area depends on two key factors, our processes and our people. Building on our externally certified quality processes, such as ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 20000 – renewed in 2015 with zero non-conformities identified during the recertification audit – EMW ensures that our customers’ mission is enabled reliably, and with continuous process improvement. Exceptional processes ensure that we do things right, but exceptional people ensure that we do the right things.

EMW’s engineers, technicians and project managers have a long track record of delivering high levels of customer satisfaction through a blend of innovation and personal commitment to our customers’ mission. With EMW, our customers get the best of both.

Protecting critical assets today requires a blend of physical and logical security. Not only does EMW provide a full spectrum of risk-based management of cyber threats, but we have the skills and experience to create a robust physical protection environment to identify, track, prioritize, and interdict threats to our customer’s valuable assets. We can design, integrate, deploy, and manage a full spectrum of sensors (video, infrared, and acoustic), access control systems, and countermeasure systems to provide situational awareness and risk management at our customer facilities.

Our background with access controls, including multi-factor authentication, allows us to tailor access in a highly structured and integrated manner to support both proactive monitoring, behavior-based risk alerts, and forensic assessments as required.

EMW has developed and deployed these solutions world wide, in high and moderate threat environments, and has achieved exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.


EMW personnel assist the government across a broad range of Health Information Technology (HIT) and telecommunications requirements by providing services such as: information technology, 24/7 help desk, automation support, system administration, web development including SharePoint, configuration management, training, operations, customer support, administrative support, technical engineering and specialized networking and data communications services. In addition, our service offerings include studies, analyses, systems and software design and development, technology recommendations, systems enhancements, integration management, configuration management, system and network administration/operation, transmissions systems engineering, design, operations and maintenance, testing and evaluation of existing as well as new systems and their transition into the operational environment.

EMW has extensive experience within military medical at all service levels with current IT support services at NMCP and past AHLTA deployments supporting the MHS. We have all the key elements for success in this arena, and by our past performance and current projects, continues to demonstrate this success to our customers in theater. We offer the flexibility and adaptability of a small company, with experience much greater than that of many larger businesses offering the same services; as an illustration, our long-term support of NATO NC3A and NAMSA, organizations that are usually very hard to impress, shows that we can attract and maintain key work through excellent performance, attention to detail, and employee retention in extremely remote and difficult parts of the world.

The move towards integration and cloud-based operations increases the risk of cyber threats to the achievement of customer missions. EMW’s approach to cyber threats is comprehensive and risk-based. We begin by developing a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ information assets, potential vulnerabilities and threat vectors. This understanding forms the basis for a detailed risk assessment that in turn is the foundation of our risk management plan. In developing our approach to protecting our customers’ environment from cyber threats, we use a variety of public and private frameworks, including those developed by NIST, the SANS Institute, and various DoD agencies, as appropriate.

EMW’s comprehensive approach to enhancing our customers cyber security posture is implemented through the configuration of customer or contractor furnished tools that integrate into the customer’s overall service management architecture to ensure that the deployed environment is managed according to the security design.

The EMW team includes seasoned information security professionals who can provide thought leadership in important emerging areas of cyber security, including the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and other initiatives to extend beyond the traditional compliance focus of FISMA-based programs to a continuous cyber risk assessment and management regime.

Our Information Assurance (IA) services include managing risks, monitoring processes and transmission of information or data along with the storage devices used to archive. We seek to protect the integrity, availability, authenticity, non-repudiation and confidentiality of mission critical data. Along with our Force Protection capability we seek to protect all types of data whether physical or electronic forms through transmission and within the context of user collaboration.

For example, we provided IA services in Oman that included network configuration management, intrusion detection and general operations and maintenance services for Redcom IGX Tactical voice switches, N.E.T. Promina multiplexers, HP-Compaq and Dell file/application servers Cisco routers and hubs, Pair Gain modems and Satellite Modems and KU Band Assets.

Recognized as “Guarding of the Doorways,” EMW focuses on Physical Security: the Key Element of Information Assurance (IA), and Perimeter Defense: the First Bastion of Physical Security

We address the challenges of intruders using carefully selected routes to evade detection and interception, and frequently changing their routes in response to defense actions. EMW's mission is to respond rapidly and effectively to ever changing intruder behavior. To combat these challenges we take an integrated approach using Perimeter Security Planning Software Tool s, a fully integrated geospatial design, supporting Scenario Based Threat and Vulnerability Analysis, and helping Security Planners making cost effective and reliable operational security designs using a logical Step-By-Step process.

With the growth of Internet Protocol (IP) based services, the demands on telecommunications infrastructure have burgeoned. Not only is there an increased demand for the convergence applications such as telephony and video that have historically required separate telecommunications infrastructure, but increasingly services such as environmental controls and physical security rely on the same set of network services.

EMW’s heritage began as a networking & telecommunications company – creating and deploying network environments that simplify operations, reduce cost, and improve reliability re at the core of our value proposition. We optimize IP based service delivery, leveraging Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to deliver voice and video services across the customer’s network environment, and allowing investment in a single converged infrastructure which can be managed for both Quality of Service (QOS) and reliability.

Recognizing the increasing importance of the delivery of applications such as telephony and collaborating services through the Cloud, EMW has built relationships with leading partners who can provide these services to our customers through our procurement vehicles. We also have the engineering skills to seamlessly integrate these Cloud-based services into our customers’ mission critical operating environments.

We are also highly skilled in managing legacy telecommunications platforms, including strong relationships with suppliers of TDM-based telephony as well as legacy video and teleconferencing platforms. EMW has the right people and processes to optimize your current environment, assess the business case for migration to cloud-based or on-premises based environments, and manage the transition and operations to ensure achievement of the benefits promised in the business case.

EMW: the preferred choice for our customers

EMW is willing, able and ready to perform at the highest levels for opportunities that may come our way, and we welcome the challenge.